Deployment of the Motes

Deployment of the motes requires two parts: the setup of the motes and the monitoring of the motes.

Setup of the Motes

Before the motes are placed in the field, they are programmed using the base station:

The motes are programmed using the base station. A closeup of the base station.

Then, the motes are prepared for deployment:

And finally, the result of all the work:

Photo of a deployed mote. Photo of a deployed mote with the GPS receiver attached.

Monitoring of the Motes

Firebug allows for online monitoring of the motes. Below are some pictures of the monitoring in action:
A screenshot of the browser-enabled monitoring of the sensors.

An example of real-time monitoring using the web browser system.
Photo of motes that have been deployed at a site near Lake Chabot in Castro Valley,CA.

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