Surge Demo for the Multihop Sensor Network

Surge is a java program for displaying multihop routing topology in sensor networks. The FireBug project anticipates using Surge both as a visual demonstration of the network topology, and modifying Surge for specific application to the FireBug sensor network.

Surge features

When working with multihop routing applications, Surge provides the following information to users:

Future enhancements to Surge for supporting FireBug development include capabilities for displaying data from barometric, thermal, relative humidity and GPS sensors.

For the example given on this web page, we are using the mh6 multihop routing code developed by Alec Woo and Terence Tong. mh6 is currently (29 April 2003) located in the experimental branch of the TinyOS project hosted at

Procedure for running the Surge Demo

Surge Demo in action

The node 1 is basestation, the node 126 is address of the UART. The rest are different motes. When a mote sends a message, Surge displays 2 concentric circles around the node. The color bars underneath each node display the Quality and Yield associated with the node. "Quality" is a measure of how good the link to a neighboring node and takes values from 0 to 1. The color of the edge is same as the color of Quality bar. The color bar labelled "Yield" is a measure of the rate of message sending from a mote as a fraction of the expected number of the sensor messages.

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